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It is the first application to address the unique needs of mobile gamers – just like yourself! The app offers a wide range of communication tools: fully equipped private messaging, group discussions, public chat rooms and even dedicated clan chats (in supported games). ClanPlay maintains its position as the highest rated app for gamers in the world, you are welcome to check it out!


The Good Game Token

ClanPlay is introducing a new marketplace for in-game actions where players and interested entities can incentivize other players to act upon their causes. A new meritocratic ecosystem will emerge where skill in games is financially valuable at large and any action that can be tracked - can be paid for!

We believe that the time has come for players to be directly compensated for trying out and playing new games, and that blockchain is the facilitating catalyst to drive this revolution forward. Through a smart contract that leverages ClanPlay’s technology, we can track player actions, time spent and contribution in games - thus enabling developers to pay users in proportion to how deeply they engaged with their games while doing so in a transparent and trust-less manner.


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GG is a utility cryptographic token that allows trust-less deals where anyone can pay players to take actions inside games.


    Developers can directly compensate players for discovering and then progressively engaging with their games. GG will become the vessel for providing players with gradually increasing compensation for their participation in games. Direct Discovery Campaigns can start with a small reward for watching a game’s ad, while additional rewards can be granted for downloading the game, completing a match or a level, taking various actions and even making a purchase. Developers that identify the optimal user journey for players, can plot an efficient campaign that encourages players to conduct proper analysis of their hard-developed product.


    GG will lay the infrastructure for a safe and flexible environment in which anyone can bid for In-Game Actions and players can buy into offers to perform them. The opportunities here are endless and will undoubtedly lead to a new meritocratic economy in which gamer skills are matched with a financial value.

    Example use-cases are leaders forming a new clan in a game and offering players (above a certain level) payment for joining and spending time in their clan; or creating rewarded challenges for existing clan-members to incentivize and engage them onwards; Another example can be aspiring players paying mentors for spectating their match and guiding them through; Players in collectible games can pay others to borrow their item for crafting or breeding, with a commitment to return it or pay its fair market price otherwise, and the list goes on to infinity. ClanPlay aims to create a dynamic marketplace where the community crafts and drives deal flow..


    Tracking the progress of eSport tournaments is very complicated and requires manual analysis. This obstacle forces the majority of eSport events to be constrained to a single game and to be held in a physical location and in constrained scale.

    GG holders are given the power to setup action-based tournaments where the prize pool is split between participants. This exciting opportunity opens a whole new world of cross game competitions based on any in-game activity - any action that can be tracked, can be made into a tournament goal. These tournaments are a great way to advertise goals and interests.

    As part of the framework to enable GG usage by 3rd party Authorizers, ClanPlay will work to define a regulatory-compliant structure. Authorizers will state the actions they support and fee structure for their supported tournaments, based on their data capabilities.


    Game data is decentralized in nature. There is no central database of game events and different parties have different access to information. GG’s innovation is in its trust-less agreement verification and matching between payments and actions. To achieve a state where two parties can engage safely while assuming a certain deal fulfillment, authorization providers are required to inspect actions and provide deal governance.

    Game data comes in two forms: deterministic and indeterministic. Examples of deterministic data points are a player’s level, current clan and item ownership. To be considered deterministic, such data needs to be available over public game APIs (for example Clash of Clans) where any party can quarry it and determine the result. On the other hand, indeterministic data will often be available only via private or semi-private game APIs and consist of information that can be interpreted in more than one way. For example, assessing how much time a certain player has spent in a clan can greatly vary in measurement methods (days, hours, etc.) and is highly effected by the time zone.

    The GG Marketplace will support both data types by opening to participation of authorization entities. Where the data is available publicly, any party can contribute contract processing to an Authorization Pool where results are accepted in a full or partial consensus; In cases where the data is privately held, any party that can demonstrate ability to accurately track player actions inside a game can participate as a competitive Authorization Node. Examples of competent node providers are ClanPlay, game developers, analytics providers, entities accessing a game’s private API and gaming platforms


GG is a utility cryptographic token that allows trust-less deals where in-game actions are being compensated by players and game developers alike.


  • Leonard (Leo) Frankel - CEO

    Leonard is a games industry veteran and a serial entrepreneur, he was ranked among the top 10 business development executives in Israel 2015 by Geektime. Previously served as VP Business Development at Plarium (acquired $500M), where he set up multiple internal game studios and brought in dozens of $Ms in publishing and IP licensing deals. Before Plarium, Leonard founded UBT, a poker AI startup for which he raised $2.5m and was successful at creating an autonomous, profitable poker playing machine. Before UBT Leonard worked as a Crude Oil and Metals Trader.

    Leonard holds a BA of Business Administration from the IDC Herzliya where he graduated with honors.

  • Asaf Semo - CTO

    Asaf has more than 10 years experience in leading R&D teams in game companies, including Dragonplay (acquired $100M), Oberon Media and Pixel Play. Asaf architectured software products such as Dragonplay Poker, that reached a massive scale of several 10s of million of active players. Before founding ClanPlay, Asaf served as CTO at sFBI, a technological incubator where he architectured multiple software and hardware products simultaneously.

    Asaf holds a B.T of Computer Science from the Shankar College.

  • Saar Cohen - Director of Client Development

    Saar leads the development of all client-facing software at ClanPlay. Previously he served as a Senior Android Developer at Viber (Messaging app, acquired for ~1$bln) where he lead the development of Viber’s developers SDK. Before joining Viber, Saar served as the Lead Android Developer at Nextpeer (acquired by Viber) where he led their development of SDKs enabling multiplayer and social layers for 3rd party mobile games.

    Saar holds a BSc in Computer Science and Bio-informatics from the Ben-Gurion University.

  • Dmitry (Dima) Voronenkov - Director of Integrations Architecture

    Dima leads the architecture and development of all access points between ClanPlay and various games supported in the platform. Previously Dima founded SSP Software and served as its CTO. At SSP Software he designed and led the development of enterprise software products. Before SSP he served as Head of IT at JSC Tomsk Oil and Gas Research and Design Institute.

    Dima holds a Master's Degree in Electronic Engineering from Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics.

  • Michael Krutoyarsky - iOS Development Team Leader

    Before ClanPlay Michael served as a Senior Software Engineer at Akzia.Apps and before that as an iOS Developer at the ADS Software Group.

    Michael holds a B.S.C of Calculus Mathematics and Cybernetics from the Lomonosov Moscow University.

  • Ori Nabarro - Community Manager

    Ori overseas ClanPlay’s relationships with its community as well as the personal and close relationships the company holds with various influencers and streamers. Under his meticulous care, the apps rating rose to become the highest in both app stores, 4.8 on Google Play and 4.9 on iOS. Before joining ClanPlay, Ori served in Product Management at Planet of the Apps and as a Game Designer at Sunset Games.

    Ori holds a BA in Business Administration from the Derbi University.

  • Oleksii (Alex) Shykun - Backend Developer

    Oleksii is a software engineer with more than 7 years of development experience. Before joining ClanPlay he served as Back-end developer in BMC company building a SaaS integration platform for connecting various enterprise solutions. Previously Oleksii was in involved various challenging projects - developing Search APIs to support big data for automotive and real estate at Vast company, creating cashless cross-channel payment solution in Yapital and building financial solutions at EVRY Norge.

    Oleksii holds a Master's Degree in Computer Science from the National Aviation University Institute of Computers Science, Kyiv Ukraine.


  • Irfan Parvez - Managing Director and Member of the Board for the Carter Fleming Group

    Irfan Parvez is a Managing Director at the Carter Fleming Group. A British born business investor, he chairs the Parvez Family Foundation in support of philanthropic agendas including equality and education in the emerging markets. He is also a passionate supporter of sports for the UKA’s Grassroots initiative, to promote health and social impact for children and teenagers.
    Having graduated from Cambridge as an engineer, he started his career in the energy sector with the likes of Schlumberger, Shell International and Vitol in a leadership capacity within strategy, principal investments and trading.
    Irfan guided Carter Fleming though the financial downturn for a multibillion-dollar asset portfolio optimisation and divesture program to which, through a Management Buyout, acquired the Group’s interests in human capital and technology. In 2013, he co-founded the firm’s principal investment division focussed on investments within the AI arena, Internet of Things, software development and in 2015, co-established the firm’s blockchain global fund.
    Irfan is a Board Advisor for some of the developed and emerging markets largest enterprises advising on strategic, human capital and technology matters. In recent years, he has worked with government entities for digital reform and initiatives that address the need to enhance human capital capability, by upskilling the workforce long-term as part of the digital age.

  • Henric Suuronen - Games Entrepreneur & Investor

    Henric Suuronen, is a gaming focused angel investor and co-founder of Nonstop Games which was acquired by King for up-to $100m. Henric has worked with mobile games for over 14 years including as Director at Digital Chocolate and Head of Studio at wooga before co-founding Nonstop Games. After the King acquisition Henric served as Senior creative Director at King. Henric's angel investments include Huuuge Games, Futureplay Games, Traplight Games, Matchmade and Omniata (acquired by King). In total his 12 investments have raised >$120M of venture financing and Henric serves also as board member at Huuuge Games and Matchmade. Henric holds double master’s degrees in Computer Science and Business.

  • Alex McDougall, Bicameral Ventures Co-Founder

    Alex is an financial expert specializing in investing and advising throughout the full life cycle of companies from early stage to truly global institutions. Starting his career as an investment banker at the Bank of Montreal, Alex led multiple projects and teams across Capital Markets . Alex helped lead the charge on several of Capital Market’s early blockchain initiatives and was recognized as a leader within the Investment Bank. Alex left BMO in early 2018 to co-found Bicameral Ventures, an innovative Venture Capital Fund focused on taking positions in exceptional early stage projects developing real-world business models on top of the Aion platform. Alex earned his CFA designation in 2013 and was awarded multiple scholarships towards earning his MBA from the Rotman School of Management.

  • Kesem Frank, Bicameral Ventures CEO and Aion Co-Founder

    Kesem is a technology strategy expert specializing in blockchain powered enterprise architecture. Following a leadership position in Deloitte’s Blockchain practice, Kesem co-founded Nuco, one of the earliest enterprise blockchain platforms and a founding member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. In his capacity as COO, Kesem led multiple projects, positioning blockchain at the core of future business platforms for fortune-1000 companies. In 2017, Kesem directed the launch of Aion, a decentralized interoperability network, establishing its position as a globally leading blockchain protocol. Kesem leads Bicameral Ventures as it deploys millions of dollars in investments, significantly driving Aion’s growth. Kesem achieved Cum Laude honors for both his undergraduate degrees of Law (LLB) and business administration (BA) and was awarded multiple scholarships towards his Masters of Business Administration (MBA) at the University of Toronto.

  • Ran Neu-Ner
    Joint CEO, The Creative Counsel
    Host, CNBC Crypto Trader Show
    Co-Founder, Onchain Capital

    Ran founded The Creative Counsel in 2001, South Africa's leading activation agency and sold it in 2015 to Publicis Groupe for $150 million. Joined the Young Presidents Organisation in 2010, a global network of successful CEO’s, sharing learnings and ideas exchange. He has also taken on an EXCO role for the Johannesburg City Chapter. His business acumen speaks for itself with his recent accolades, namely: 2013 ABSA - Business excellence & entrepreneurship 2014 CNBC All Africa Business Leader Award 2015 Sanlam - Entrepreneur of the Year 2015 Adfocus - Industry Leaders Award 2016 National Business Awards - Business Leader of the Year 2016 EY Southern Africa - World Entrepreneur Award Ran has been a part of the Blockchain world since 2013 and has advised multiple projects. He is the founder of Onchain Capital, a Crypto Asset Fund and Advisory service. In 2017 Ran’s launched the world’s first televised cryptocurrency show called Crypto Trader which is aired weekly on a Thursday night at 20:30 on CNBC Africa, DSTV channel 410. The show is the most viewed show on CNBC today. Ran is also ranked in the top 10 most influential people in the Blockchain by Richtopia.

  • Onchain Capital


Below is the list of our amazing investors that participated in equity rounds in previous years.

  • Ilya Turpiashvili

    Co-Founder Plarium

  • Yaniv Gamzo

    Yaniv Gamzo

    Co-Founder Diwip

  • Anton Gauffin

    Anton Gauffin

    Founder Huuuge Games

  • AJ Fahmi

    AJ Fahmi

    Co-Founder Babil Games

  • MJ Fahmi

    MJ Fahmi

    Co-Founder Babil Games

  • Hezi Badur

    Hezi Badur

    Hedge Fund Manager

  • thejunction accelerator

    Wave 16 alumni

  • Awy Julianto

    Awy Julianto

    Managing Partner Altitude Partners


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